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Friday, January 12, 2007

Maria blames media for over-sexed image

Mariah Carey blames media for over-sexed image
Pop singer Maria Carey says that the media is responsible for her overtly sexual image as she is just imitating what she sees on magazine covers.

Carey believes the media decides what is sexy and she has always just gone along with what she has been exposed to.

Contactmusic.com quoted her as saying: "I think that a lot of women are just trying to live up to the stereotypes and to the standard that's set on TV and in magazines, which is airbrushed women who weigh three pounds (1.4 kilograms). And it's not fair. It's not easy. But everybody gets really protective of me. They're like, 'Be less sexy'." But Carey admits she does go too far with her image sometimes.

"It's not intentional. If you film my body a certain way, it's gonna look like a certain way. But honestly, I've been the same way since I was a little kid. Like, I'm just emulating whatsoever on a magazine."


Anonymous said...

MARIAH Carey. Good God.