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Monday, January 22, 2007

Drew Barrymore reveals a secret passion!

Drew Barrymore reveals a secret passion!
Former Hollywood wild child Drew Barrymore likes nothing more than ripping off her clothes and running naked through the fields -- although apparently only in Ireland, according to a recent interview.

"I'll drive in Ireland and park my car and run out into the field and rip all my clothes off and just run in the wheat fields naked," the actress says in an interview with Parade magazine due to appear on Sunday.

The star also recalls another naked incident, when she flashed talk show host David Letterman live on network television in 1995.

"I'm so glad I was so free at one point in my life," she says.

She adds that she is aware the idea might raise a few eyebrows.

"I think it alarms people, because I'm so responsible now that when I do it, it's almost surprising rather than, 'Oh, that's just her doing her thing again.'"

After appearing in Steven Spielberg's box office hit E.T. at the age of seven, Barrymore dabbled in drugs and alcohol before she was even a teenager.


newman said...

makes too of us, love tosay hello to her!