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Friday, December 01, 2006

Britney Spears on Over Exposure spree!

Britney Spears on Over Exposure spree!
It seems that following her split from Kevin Federline, all Britney Spears is interested in is showing off her booty and partying hard in skimpy outfits - that leave little to the imagination - with new found pal Paris Hilton.

Off late the pop diva has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. While earlier this month she was seen dancing in Las Vegas with her pants off, she recently appeared to have flashed her boobs when out clubbing with the heiress.

Also on numerous occassions, she has been snapped without wearing any panty in public.

But while it seemed Spears has finally decided to bring persistent sightings of her bare bits to an end by buying 3000 dollars worth underwears, it appears Britney,s desperation for exposure apparently has no limits.

The twice-married singer has again been photographed sans knickers. This time, it was on a night out near her home in Santa Monica, reports the Mirror.

Even her new best pal, Paris Hilton allegedly feels the newly single singer needs to cover it up a bit.

"Paris likes to show some skin but even she is finding Britney's skimpy outfits too much. When she isn't revealing her belly, she's displaying her cleavage," said a source.