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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paris-Nicky get raunchy at playboy Party

Paris-Nicky get raunchy at playboy Party
While Hugh Hefner's annual Halloween bash was attended by several Hollywood hunks and hotties, the party's main attraction were - the Hilton sisters who writhed to various numbers in their own dramatic style.

Paris - donning her own version of the classic Playboy Bunny outfit - did her usual routine, dancing on a table and lip-syncing as her single - "Stars Are Blind " - played.

"The reaction is now always the same - her posse of sycophants surrounds her, cheering her, as most people groan," The New York Post quoted a witness, as saying.

"This is really getting old," the witness added.

Meanwhile, Nicky provided her own show on the dance floor, "Being bent over backwards against the stage by a height-challenged young man as she wrapped a leg around his hip and they played tonsil hockey.

"She later spent an hour crawling under the tables (apparently) looking for a lost purse. When upright, she was stumbling all over . . . as she was fondled everywhere but the bottoms of her feet by the little 'dance' partner . . . She is handling her breakup with Kevin Connelly in a very mature and sophisticated manner - not!" revealed the insider.

Less dramatic were real porn queen Jenna Jameson, Bill Maher, Gary Shandling, Jeremy Piven, Lakers owner Jerry Buss, Ron Jeremy, Owen Wilson, Jim Belushi.