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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Paris Hilton gets a big 'F' from Spiteri

Paris Hilton gets a big 'F' from Spiteri
She may be able to get away with a lot of nonsense in the US, but hotel heiress Paris Hilton found out the hard way that she couldn’t do the same in the UK.

It seems that Paris almost got punched in the face by Scottish singer Sharleen Spiteri for her high-handedness.

Hilton, who was in the British capital for the World Music Awards, squared off against Spiteri at the posh West End party by magazine Vanity Fair following the Awards.

The Stars Are Blind singer had already irritated guests at the do so much that when she ordered her minders to get them to stand back while she danced on seats, one angry reveller threw ice at her.

A guest revealed that an incensed Hilton then let loose a tirade against Spiteri, who was sitting nearby enjoying a drink with pals.

"She screamed and lurched towards Sharleen, who was sitting with friends, and shouted, 'What the f*** did you do, you f***ing ugly idiot?'" The Mirror quoted the guest, as saying.

However, while Hilton's behaviour might have gone unnoticed in the States, it didn't sit too well with Spteri who, one onlooker revealed, almost punched the heiress.

"Sharleen looked ready to punch her," the guest said.

"Sharleen pulled her fingers into a fist and screamed: 'F*** off, I'm not scared of you'" another guest revealed.

A spokesman Spiteri confirmed not only the row, but also the fact that the Texas frontwoman had told Paris “where to go in no uncertain terms".

"She was confronted by Paris and two bodyguards and accused of something she didn't do. She told them where to go in no uncertain terms," he said.


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