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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bond and his girl had sex like animals

Bond and his girl had sex like animals
Ardent 'James Bon' fans may seem to be taking some time to adjust to the new super spy – Daniel Craig, but the actresses in the upcoming 007 flick Casio Royale can’t stop praising the actor – especially in their saucy bedroom scenes.

New Bond beauties Caterina Murino, Ivana Milisevic and Eva Green said that they had an awesome experience shooting with Craig.

Although stunning Caterina loved shooting with the new Bond, she reportedly has only one complaint that her sex scene with Daniel was too short.

The 32-year-old Italian brunette plays Solange — the wife of bad guy Dimitrios. Craig beds Solange after he beats Dimitrios in a game of poker.

"Solange isn’t the classical Bond girl. She is not out to kill James, she is just very upset in her life," the Sun quoted Caterina, as saying.

"Then one night she meets Bond . . . and has sex with him. We are like two animals. We are not going to be friends, me and James, we are only sexual things," she added.

She further said that although she was feeling a bit uncomfortable before shooting the sex scene, it did not take her long to relax.

"Daniel was very nice to me. And the director, Martin Campbell, was wonderful. He made us very comfortable."

"Unfortunately it was very short, but Very nice," she said.