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Sunday, July 16, 2006

You Stole My Role! - Jennifer Aniston

You Stole My Role! - Jennifer Aniston
Actress Jennifer Aniston Is Angry With Ex-husband Brad Pitt For Casting His Girl Friend Angelina Jolie In The Role Of Late Journalist Daniel Pearl's Widow Mariane As She Hoped She Would Get The Part And Win An Oscar For It.

According To Hollywood.com, The Movie Is Titled A Mighty Heart And Revolves Around Mariane's Search For Her Husband Who Was A Wall Street Journal Reporter. Pearl Was Abducted And Killed By Terrorists In Pakistan In 2002.

Aniston Was Supposedly In Negotiations For The Role When She Helped Pitt Get The Movie Rights To Mariane's Book.

A Source Said, "She's Horrified That Brad Has Handed The Role Meant For Her To Angelina. It Was Jen Who Persuaded Daniel Pearl's Wife To Sell The Movie Rights To Their Production Company Plan B. It Is Heartless But The Bottom Line Is Brad Got Ownership Of The Company In Their Divorce Settlement, So He Can Do What He Likes."


Anonymous said...

jennifer earns that part forget about angelina pinche brad

Anonymous said...

Angelina just needs to go away she cant act in a real role she needs to take her freakish ways and leave other relationships alone, she doesn't have the ability to love she just doesn't know how, the only thing on her mind is publicity, but on the other hand Jennifer is much too good for Brad Pitt even though Before Angelina, he was one of my favorites but if he or Angelina is in it I'll not see it Because I'll not help line the pockets of the heartless who can be seduced so easily or seduces a man knowing he is married.
Brad, Angelina you should both be ashamed, or publicly flogged because we all already know niether one of you have what the rest of the world calls: "shame"!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you (the above comment) 100%! Jennifer is a telented actress also she has something angelina does not- moral.

What kind of moral is that to date someone else's husband and to talk about family and raising kids?!

Furthermore: why don't they just sponsor kids so they can grow with their own families or in their communities. Yeah: they can't photograph them every day if so, right? Publicity is their goal, not helping the kids, that's the truth.


Anonymous said...

Could homosexuality be lurking behind that boyish charm? I'm talking about Brad Pitt. He could very well be a homosexual. Why else would he leave his straight wife only to hook up with a lesbian?