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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Candid footage of Monroe unearthed

Candid footage of Monroe unearthed
Forgotten footage of Marilyn Monroe at play has been unearthed by the little girl she befriended in the mid-1950s. The tragic screen icon and her husband Joe DiMaggio lived with little Dolores Hope Massey and her family in California when they were first married. And now the girl who became "like a daughter" to Monroe is offering up eight-millimeter home movie footage to new channels in the US in the hope of showing the actor at her happiest. The unseen footage, which shows Monroe learning to play golf with DiMaggio and the Massey’s, brings back wonderful memories for Massey. She says,

“Marilyn was an incredible person to be with. She was just like another mom to me.”


mahenbhati said...

Delighted to see Marilyn Monroe -- the best in her times -- in vivacious mood