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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sienna Loved Being A Free And Naked Hippie

Sienna Loved Being A Free And Naked HippieBritish actress Sienna Miller admits she enjoyed stripping for the movie "Hippie Hippie Shake", although she was embarrassed after her pictures appeared online.


Miller also said it wasn't as traumatic as she thought it would be.


"There were eight of us and we were playing hippies and it was the summer of love.


We take our clothes off, eight boys and girls, and go for a swim. We were nervous but it's real camaraderie when you're all together.


It's actually hilarious getting naked in front of people you love and respect," dailysnack.com quoted Miller as saying.


The movie is a psychedelic journey through London in the sixties and early seventies focusing on the love between the character played by Miller and the one played by actor Cillian Murphy.

She added: "The water was freezing cold, so the boys weren't too happy. The water was about seven degrees, it was colder than anything I've experienced in my life.

But as a result it was quite funny and we felt a big sense of achievement after doing it."


Monday, September 17, 2007

Sienna Miller Bares All for Hippie Film

Sienna Miller Bares All for Hippie FilmSienna Miller has been stripping off to play a hippie - complete with flowers in her hair - in an upcoming role.


The 25-year-old is known for her bohemian fashion sense and it seems that now she is taking that sensibility one step further.


In her role in movie Hippie Hippie Shake, Sienna plays artist Louise Ferrier, the girlfriend of Australian underground magazine editor Richard Neville. Margo Stilley and Cillian Murphy also have parts in the swinging 60s film.


The actress is no stranger to the era, having taken on the role of Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick in biopic Factory Girl.


According to the Daily Mail, directors of Hippie Hippie Shake have asked Sienna to change her exercise routine so that she can develop a more rounded figure for the role, as well as dying her hair from blonde to brunette.

One insider claims Sienna is 'perfect' for the part: "She is not shy when it comes to stripping off and it is little wonder."

"She has always been praised for her distinctive boho look and even without clothes, she pulls this off."

Sienna is currently still filming the flick in various UK locations. Hippie Hippie Shake has a release date of sometime in 2008, but we'll let you know when they make it official.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sienna Miller's F-word fury at the paparazzi

Sienna Miller's F-word fury at the paparazzi Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley lashed out at the London paparazzi during their recent night out in the city.


The British beauties, who have been spending a lot of time off-set with each other after working together in a new movie, gave an abusive lecture to the shutterbugs on how to treat starlets.


"We're not on the f**king red carpet, we're on the street!" TMZ quoted Sienna, as telling the snappers.


After completing a week's work on their forthcoming Dylan Thomas movie, "An Edge of Love," the duo demanded to be left alone.


Sienna offered the paparazzi a deal, a few shots in return for some time alone. "You never f**king get it cause you're all c**ts and make our lives hell ... we'll walk down the street, but we're not going to stand here and pose ... if you get a photo that's fine but then its a deal that you go!" Miller said.


Keira also supported her new found best pal, requesting the paparazzi to let them have a "nice night."


"It would be really great if you let us have a night off ... we're just trying to have a nice night," Keira said.


The pair hit the town last week in matching black boots, tights and sporting similar short dresses.


Accompanying them was Keira's boyfriend Rupert Friend, and their other co-star Matthew Rhys.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Make-up makes my bum look perfect: Miller

Make-up makes my bum look perfect: Miller
Sienna Miller's body may look flawless on screen, but she insists that it's all thanks to make-up and perfect lighting.

The British beauty insists that beneath all the make-up, she has stretch marks just like any other woman.

"They put make-up all over your body so it looks like you have a nice bum and you don't see the stretch marks that us girls all have," The Sun quoted her, as saying.

"It may look like I'm comfortable but I'm not. They take hours lighting the scene so that you don't see every lump and bump and they spray your bum so it looks nice - but it doesn't really look like that in real life.

"I remember a shot in W magazine and I'm arching back a little bit and then you see the picture and it's this perfect a**e - and it's not like that.

"With all those magazines I think it's important that young people know that it's a nice perfection but it's not real - they put things in and take things out of it," Miller insisted.

The British actress also insists that though she has fun 'dabbling' in hair and make-up once in a while, she has no 'delusions' that she is 'perfect'.

"I'm not under any delusions of perfection and I don't feel glamorous at all. It's fun now and then to dabble in hair and make-up but I wouldn't want to every day," said Sienna.

"It's very nice to be glamorised and made up but it's not a real thing," she added.